Entertainment and Giving

The Book

When I initially started typing interactions I have had with patients it was my outlet for the stress of everyday. I used writing as a means to reflect on some of the funny and entertaining aspects of my day versus dwelling on the constant challenges and frustrations. It is my goal to share my work with readers for entertainment and to learn a little along the way. There is plenty of depressing and sad news surrounding us everyday, I hope my book brings a smile to readers faces and a connection to these patients. 

Giving Back

With each purchase of this book a percentage of sales is being donated to Dementia/Alzheimer's research. Most people at least know someone or has been directly affected by the cognitive and physical declines of people with Dementia. Quarterly I will post an update of donated funds and where they were allocated to. If you have recommendations of a particular organization you would like to see benefit please feel free to contact me.


Share with me your review of the book, comments, and reactions! If you enjoyed the book please share the book with friends and family. 

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